Campaign Services – PAV & VBM

More and more voters are voting early from home. In California, voters can cast a ballot up to 29 days before Election Day. This early voting by Permanent Absentee Voters (PAVs) or by voters requesting Absentee Ballots (ABs) occurs every day for 28 days before polling places ever open.

Vantage Campaigns™ has the strategic products you need to reach Absentee Voters—giving you the advantage.

  • Vantage PAV Lists – get a list of all Permanent Absentee Voters as early as possible.  Use this list to contact these voters early and often.
  • Vantage Direct Mail – target PAVs and likely Absentee Voters with mailers designed to highlight your qualifications and your stand on the issues.
  • Vantage Live Calling – have professional telemarketers make campaign calls to targeted voters.  A professional will “stick to the script” and complete ALL calls in days, not weeks.