Campaign Handbook – Mailers/Literature

Imagine talking to every targeted voter in one day. That’s the power of a direct mail campaign.

Vantage Campaigns™ was built on delivering high-impact, on-message, on-target, on-time direct mail.

With over 10 years of experience in developing political mail programs, Vantage Campaigns™ will give you the competitive advantage.

  • Vantage Direct Mail – target likely voters with mailers designed to highlight your qualifications and your stand on the issues.

Why use professionals rather than do-it-yourself?

A political mail program is like rebuilding your car’s transmission—a complicated, specialized job with many parts and chances for failure —it’s best left to experts in the field.

A word about Negative Campaigning (Hit Mailers):

There is much discussion about negative campaigning—most of it negative. But there are two hard rules to political campaigns:

1. Either you define yourself to the voters or your opponent will, and
2. If you don’t respond immediately to mailers opposing you, you will lose.

The caveat to these is you should take every opportunity to define your opponent.

Informing voters is what campaigns are about, including highlighting the differences between you and your opponent.