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Campaign Handbook

For those new to campaigning, Vantage Campaigns™ provides a unique approach—a handbook that will walk you through the campaign process and connect you with the services you need to win . Vantage Campaigns™ provides the strategies and campaign services that support candidates, allowing candidates do what they do best, raise money and meet voters.

Campaign Services

If you’re a seasoned campaigner looking for professional campaign support services, Vantage Campaigns™ is here to help. We provide the strategic campaign services that support candidates and their staff, allowing candidates to focus on fundraising and voter contact, and your staff to implement your campaign strategic plan.


VantageU™ is our candidate development and training division providing practical and distinctive courses for local candidates and elected officials. Our courses are an affordable way to receive the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to launch your local campaign.

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So you’ve decided to run for office. Now what do you do?

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Most people’s experience with campaigns is through the media—news stories, television shows, or movies. A few have volunteered or worked on a campaign, but being the candidate yourself is unlike any other experience in your life.