Campaign Handbook – Phone Banking

Another effective form of voter contact is done via telephone. No matter what voters say, they do respond to phone calls, if the call is cleverly and strategically formulated.

Although volunteers can make phone calls, they lack reliability to “stick to the script” or even to regularly show up. Vantage Campaigns™ recommends using live call centers.

Whether you use volunteers, professionals, computers or a combination to make your calls, Vantage Campaigns™ has the service you need:

  • Vantage Call Lists – whether you set up a volunteer phone bank, use professionals, or automated calls, we can provide the data you need.
  • Vantage Live Calling – Trained, telemarketing professionals will make live phone calls for your campaign, giving you results in days instead of taking weeks by volunteers.  The pros stick to the script be it a persuasion, ID, push poll, or GOTV call.  When comparing professional vs volunteer phone banks, don’t forget the hidden costs of volunteers: campaign office rent, telephone company fees, wiring, electricity, and food/drinks.
  • Vantage Robo Calls – Automated calls are the most cost effective way to get out your message, but can have a lower contact rate.  Vantage Campaigns™ can improve your contact rate and make your Robo calls more effective.