Campaign Services – GOTV

Ultimately, all the hard work of the campaign comes down to turn out. The last 5 days of the election is your time to Get Out The Vote (GOTV), This is the crucial time to get all of your supporters—identified throughout the previous weeks of campaigning—to show up to the polls and vote for you.

Vantage Campaigns™ has all the products and services you will need to Get Out YOUR Vote:

  • Vantage Walk Mail – target likely voters with mailers designed to highlight your qualifications and your stand on the issues.
  • Vantage Robo Calls – target PAVs and likely Absentee Voters with recorded calls. Vantage Campaigns™ can improve your contact rate and make your Robo calls more effective.
  • Vantage Live Calling – have professional telemarketers make campaign calls to targeted voters.  A professional will “stick to the script” and complete ALL calls in days, not weeks.