Campaign Handbook – Walking/Canvassing

A targeted door-to-door walking strategy coordinated with an effective direct mail program will give you the competitive edge.

Done right, walking will help you sort voters into supporters, non-supporters and undecideds. You will hone your message by confirming the key issues or discovering what the voters care about.

Vantage Campaigns™ provides the tools you need for a successful Walk Program:

  • Vantage Walk Lists – high propensity lists that get you to the “real voters.”
  • Vantage Campaign Literature – professionally produced campaign literature will leave voters with a positive image of you and answer questions about your candidacy.
  • Vantage Precinct Maps – keep track of your walk program and provide volunteers with directions.
  • Vantage Lawn Signs – advertise your campaign, build name recognition, and develop the “bandwagon effect.”
  • Vantage Voter Tracking System – if you have a strong walking program, consider recording day-to-day results with our cutting edge software. Track the days’ results, generate new lists, micro/macro target, and GOTV.